The real purpose of the Jedi Knights

7 January, 2017

The Jedi Knights were founded for a purpose, and the rank-and-file Jedi themselves are mostly ignorant of what that purpose is. Consequently, they have been successfully carrying out the plan for centuries.

The purpose for which the Jedi were founded is to exterminate force-users.

This is why they kidnap boys and turn them into monks who don’t reproduce and train them to be remorseless killers. It’s as simple and as obvious as it is that the entire purpose of Hogwarts is to breed more wizards.

At which point, you have to ask the rather chilling question: what about the girls? Oh, I’m sure that the star wars movies produced later on are more gender-diverse, but look at the first cut of the star wars universe. It had – what – two women? And most certainly no female Jedi.

Consider the “light side” and “dark side” of the force. The light side – calm, rational, the dark side – stormy, emotional. These terms are code. Isn’t it plain that the “light side” of the force – calm, rational – is male; and the stormy, passionate “dark side” is female? We are talking archetypes, here. Jedi are taught that the light side is good, and the dark side evil. That is: Jedi are trained from early childhood to fear, distrust, hate the female side of The Force. Women.

So what about the girls?

The secret conspiracy is this: at the core of the Jedi Knights are a cadre of witch-finders. They take the most fanatical, the most screwed-up boys and teach them that women are succubi. Agents of the dark side. Witches. They teach these boys that any feelings of humanity or pity in themselves are  a temptation, something to be resisted and expunged. Should they feel any remorse about killing a witch, that very remorse is proof of what wicked tempters and seducers women really are. And those boys grow into men with the mission to scour the galaxy clean, and who in revered and respected old age do their part to perpetuate the system.

(It is no coincidence that their weapon is the lightsabre. The favourite weapon of holiness against wickedness has always been fire and the sword. Witches have always been burned whenever they were found.  How perfect, then, is a sword actually made of pure, incorruptible fire?)

That’s what’s going on.  That’s the real story. The Jedi are being played, they were being played right from the very beginning. They think it’s all about peace, justice, right, justice, and the light side of the force. The witch-finders, too, think they are doing the good work. But unknown to them, the whole point of the organisation they comprise is to wipe out people like themselves.