Br Warming’s Philosphy

Our DM is asking us to kinda distil down the essence of what our characters are about. As in: if your character was a D&D god, what would he or she be the god of?

Brother Warming-Light-Of-Saranrae has a couple of things going on, character-development-wise. We have the “half drow who has repudiated his drow-ness” thing. We have the “dude who was very keen to keep out character who was a vampire from going full-on bad” thing.

But really, the thing he does more than anything else is charge into battle. However, we have a priest of Iomedae, goddess of valour, and a paladin of Gorrum, god of getting into bar fights. Aren’t we just doubling up?

Iomedae’s code is here. There are a couple of points in it that aren’t really Br Warming’s thing:

  • I will learn the weight of my sword. Without my heart to guide it, it is worthless-my strength is not is my sword, but in my heart. If I lose my sword, I have lost a tool. If I betray my heart, I have died.
  • I will guard the honor of my fellows, both thought and deed, and I will have faith in them
  • I will never refuse a challenge from an equal
  • I will give honor to worthy enemies, and contempt to the rest
  • I will suffer death before dishonor
  • I will be temperate in my actions and moderate in my behavior

Br Warming is maybe about valour, but he isn’t really about honour. He certainly isn’t about “I will never refuse a challenge from an equal”. His attitude to that is “Meh”. There’s a diffidence about him. Shame isn’t a big motivator for him, which isn’t to say he’s immune from it. He was rebuked, once, by Iomedae herself for lack of clarity of purpose, and he accepted and learned from it.

Gorum’s described here and . here.

The Lord in Iron is considered brash and impulsive; he takes what he wants, by force if necessary, and answers any direct opposition to his will with violence. His priests and followers tend to follow the god’s example, which means that there are more ruthless and exploitative members of his faith than those who espouse altruism.

(This passage would be better if the weasel-words “is considered brash and impulsive” was just made “is brash and impulsive”).

Br Warming is not really about fighting for the sake of it. He isn’t trying to prove something, he’s trying to accomplish something. Furthermore, he is good. Gorum isn’t. He isn’t going to get all offended by stuff and respond with violence – that is a part of the drow character that he has refused.

So, what is he about?

Choose your purpose. Choose your destiny. Choose your cause. Choose right. Choose redemption and rescue. Choose to stand against evil, great and small. Choose to protect the good. Choose to make a difference.

Do not fight for a cause for which you would not die. Do not hazard your life or the lives of others in mean, or ephemeral, or selfish causes; do not hazard your life for no gain. Act wisely as you may.

But then, fight! Fight extravagantly; fight without fear. Strike, and disdain to count the cost. Then strike again. If your life will win your purpose, spend it.

Have faith, and remember your reward in paradise. But first and last, remember the your goal here on earth. It must be worthy of you, so strive to be worthy of it.

“Fight extravagantly. Fight without fear.”

St Warming’s worshippers number a various orders of fanatical suicide monks. Humble as all get out, and prone to directly attacking the command tent or the heavily defended siege equipment. Whatever is going to win the day. It’s also quite common for battlefield medics and unarmoured sappers to venerate him.

They also number some people you wouldn’t expect – Andorran rogue/bards running the underground rail out of Cheliax. Spies infiltrating Red Mantis cults – sure to get caught sooner or later. Even some engineers building bridges in mountain passes find comfort in his teachings. Firemen, or the fantasy equivalent.

Anyone doing something they see as good, that’s probably going to get them killed doing it, whether or not it directly involves fighting, whether or not anyone ever knows about it.

2 Responses to Br Warming’s Philosphy

  1. brettwitty says:

    Interesting stuff! How does Br Warming approach the rest of the team? We’re not all cut from the same cloth but seem fairly tight-knit after all the trials and tribulations.

    • Paul Murray says:

      They are allies, but I think Br Warming understands that they each have their own thing going on, and that’s ok. Naturally, after you have fought together for a while there’s a camaraderie and trust there. He’d rather have any member of our team behind (or in front) of him than

      Sirocco is fairly new to the team, but he has proven himself several times over. Beyond that, Br Warming hasn’t much data on him aside from the obvious: that he is a wizard of considerable power. The arcane isn’t Br Warming’s bag, so the two of them don’t really connect.

      Emerson is a bit of a worry. He is not what he seems, and he negotiates with devils. Of everyone, he’s the most sus, and Br Warming isn’t really sure he’s 100% on our side. Even after all we’ve been through.

      Fr Cleophethus is pretty much what you’d expect a cleric of Iomedae to be, given that he’s not a martial cleric. A little rule-bound, of course, but that’s ok. It’s hard to not approve of someone who saves your life twice and three times a day, most days. Br Warming regards him as senior, albeit of a different faith, and regards him with a certain deference.

      Drodja – followers of Gorum can be a bit savage, but her heart is definitely in the right place. Putting that savagery to good purpose. She has had some sort of family tragedy, but it has not turned her bad, which is fortunate for everyone. But “I’m a great fighter” is not enough to live your life by. She needs a higher purpose, and despite all that she has done for the crusade she has not found that purpose in the crusade itself.

      Br Warming is vastly relieved about Gavren. Gavren has been in receipt of an astonishing miracle, something unheard of. All Br W could really do to help Gavren through his ordeal was threaten to kill him. Maybe that was some help. It would be nice to see him survive this, re-establish his house, have a couple of kids and just go on to be a productive citizen and respected minor nobiity.

      For Br Warming, when he quietly fished that bag with the mallet and stakes out of his handy haversack and tossed it aside, it was kind of “It’s over, Gavren is no longer my problem”. It was a difficult dilemma for a warpriest of Sarenrae, and maybe is something in which Br Warming was not true to himself. Why should a murderer be executed, and a vampire allowed to live? It all turned out for the best, but … I dunno.

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