Well, that was bit of a worry!

1 July, 2013

Limited time this week, so we got straight down to business. “Sorry for throwing one combat after another at you guys”, said Dave afterward. Like that’s a bad thing.

We headed “north” from the fungus patch to a lake, where Zutteger reported that the “big bird” was attacked by an Owlbear. Rainor and Rainen ascended to rcon, and sure enough were attacked – by two of them. I cast Fly on His Majesty then used Phantasmal Web, but it really seemed to have little effect on proceedings. A third one attacked, getting Kalos in its claws. Another Phantasmal Web was as useful as the first. Finally I used a scroll of Fly, but by the time I was close enough the others had taken care of things.

We decided to head north up the river, shortcutting our way to Nerissas’s home. After a bit the Fly started to run out, and so I did Phantom Steeds all around. But after a bit, we realised that we had been turned around – the magic of the plane sending us “south”. Suspiciously, we were following Zutteger’s footsteps and sure enough the river froze and we wound up on top of a frozen waterfall, overlooking a graveyard.

Endure Elements all around (from the first wand I ever made!) and we made camp on the frozen river. I covered the area with four overlapping Alarm spells (from another wand) and we set watch.

Before midnight, the alarms went off and we were blasted with an enormous fire evocation of some sort. Then these crystaline insect things came up out of the ice. I used Shadow Conjuration to create the effect of Acid Fog, but it did little but get in the way of eveyone else. A Fireball, converted to lightning worked rather better. Off in the distance we saw movement in the trees – we were about to be attacked by more plants. Remembering the lightning treants, I finished off the last swarm of crystal ants with a Lightning Bolt, as the spell was useless againast trees. Four or five treants came out of the woods – not those lightning treants, thank the gods – and attacked. I used my bond to cast Contagious Flame. It was not as effective as I had hoped – the flame does not echo if the creature it hit dies, and of the four I hit, three were dead in seconds. Further, I cannot aim the echo rays as well as I can when I fire them myself – they are not as precise.

Eventually, we took down the treants with ordinary Scorching Rays and the old standby: hitting them with oddly shaped lumps of metal until they stopped moving.

A great deal else happened, of course. Healing, charging, flying about, shooting things with arrows. But I am concerned that if we can’t get a full night’s rest somehow, we will not be able to succeeed. Additionally, each hour in here is a day outside. Even if we succeed, we may find that we have no kingdom to return to.

On the other hand: what of it? The humans will endure, in their own way, and stopping these Fey from establishing a major foothold on prime is far, far more important than preserving a kingdom all of five years old.

If I can get some damn rest, I will see if I can organise a Rope Trick or better for tomorrow, although it may be impossible to create an extradimensional pocket here.

We must not fail.

Kingmaker. Take 2

24 June, 2013

Exiting the portal, we discovered that three days had elapsed. This is good news and bad news. Bad, because each day that passes on prime is another night of nightmares, chipping away at the resolve of our subjects.

Good, because it means the en of the month comes around again, and we can kingdom-build and loot the treasury.

After a day to recuperate, to grab Zutteger’s Picnic, and to take in tow Jope’s new cohort – a healer named Gruyere, we reentered the portal.

This time, we faces the treants fully buffed up – protection from lightning, resist elements, stoneskin, the works. And there were only three of them. Not only did we take them down handily, but Kalos (who rolled a 1 on his perception) completely demolished a regular tree. With a lance.

Way to go, Kalos.

The map indicated that ahead of us was a path leading to a mushroom garden. With our superlative knowledge of dungeons, we were aware that mushrooms tend to give off poison spores. Gruyere gave us all a Delay Poison. Inside a wall – which Switch blocked off with a Wall of Stone, a host of little mandrake men assembled themselves into a gargantuan Mandragora. It attacked Rainor, who was standing on the wall, and then sort of poured over the top – a Cloudkill (via Shadow Conjuration) having no effect on it.

Now, Jope had thought it would be a good idea to cast a Silence. Switch didn’t like the idea, because it interferes with spellcasting. When, oh when will the party learn that she has a dreadful grasp of tactics? The Mandragora released a scream that nauseated everyone in range, and nausea pretty much disables a character. The next few rounds saw the nauseated characters running away, unable to do anything, while the Mandragora pummelled team shiny at will.

Eventually the nausea wore off, and His Majesty strode in and trashed the thing.

Oh, and Gruyere gave everyone a Neutralize Poison. Wise move, because more than half of us were hit by its natural attacks, which would have caused confusion when the delay poison wore off.

Jope clubbed the impromptu door open, and inside the garden was a wide path of dead fungi left by the shadow cloudkill.

So. It took us about four hours to get here. Four days of outside time. I say we move forward to the next spot on our map (the tower?), take our bearings, then teleport back to the entrance of the realm and do some kingdom building. With so many citizens succumbing to nightmares, we are going to need a whole bunch of new statues.


18 June, 2013

Just briefly:

We went through the portal to Nerissa’s demiplane. Found Zutteger’s footprints and followed. Encountered some pixies, which we frightened off, and five lightning treants which creamed us. We did manage to take down two, but had to flee back to the portal which (thankfully) opened to let us through.

Jope will now be on his sixth cohort, who will be built as a healbot.

The only high points for me were using a metamagiced Scorching Ray – these things were immune to fire and healed by electricity, but thankfully not immune to sonic – and summoning a Wall of Iron with a Greater Shadow Conjuration. Took the treants one round to punch through, but got the paladin out of there without his having to take AAOs.

It’s a nice comedown from being world-striding 16th-level demigods.