New PFS Character

15 June, 2014

Well, I have played Azureban a couple of times and meh. Happily, I can redo the whole character and keep the sheets.

New character is Father Ezekiel Wood. Human cleric of Saranrae. He’s old (not using the ageing rules, because PFS doesn’t allow them). He’s a little deaf. He’s a little blind. He’s faking it and is actually pretty sharp.

“What’s that, sonny? Speak up! Orcs, you say?” I’m looking forward to calling VC Sheila Hiedmarch “girlie”.

A minmaxed healbot – Str and Dex of 8 (roleplaying his age). Traits give him an extra channel per day, and Perception as a class skill. Wis/Cha of 17/16, Con 14 because I simply cannot imagine any circumstance when a character with less Con than that would be viable. Int 12. Selective Channel and Alignment Channel (Evil). At this level, alignment channel is pointless, but I’d like to set the theme.

I’ve given him lamellar leather and a dagger, because a Scimitar would put him over the light load limit. But I fully expect him to have to be carried like baggage so he can perform his healing duties.

“What? Climb up that rope? You must be mad! Do I look like I galivant about climbing ropes at my age?”

Fun times.