Exchristian Stuff

I have a few old documents lying about, written at around the time I was de-converting from christianity. I’ll drop them into WordPress for posterity.

Goodbye, CCC
On Belief in The Trinity
Environmentalism, Tony Abbot, and Satan

See also my “Rants” page, which may or may not be up at any time.


2 Responses to Exchristian Stuff

  1. […] Exchristian Stuff […]

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mate thanks for putting this stuff out there to look through. Much privatestuff, so thanks.

    Some was not accessible, but im sure i got the general drift.

    Though its all a long time ago for me, sometimes it feels more recent and i find myself searching the webb for something? It was helpful to read your views and experience.

    I hope youre ok mate and that many good things lie ahead. All the best,


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