Treasure Generator

21 July, 2014

Been a while since I posted anything on wordpress.

A while ago, I used to play in the Die With Honour campaign, which runs at various cons as well as having some home games. 3.5 DnD, with the “Complete” series of splatbooks permitted. Great fun, except for one thing: they were using the Magic Item Compendium treasure generator to dole out loot, and it just took forever.

So I implemented it in JavaScript – a single, stand-alone HTML page that generated loot with a click. You can run it in an iPad, you can run it in an iPhone , if you must. You can save the page and use it without an internet connection. You can see it at GitHub. If you are up against a CR 6 monster, two CR 4 sidekicks, and four CR 1 mooks, just click those buttons. Job done. It speeds play up quite a bit.

“But”, you cry, “What about Pathfinder”? Fear not, the Ultimate Equipment Treasure Generator is here! Same deal. Frankly, I don’t much like their method of doing it, and the generated treasure seems a bit low-value. It all adds up, but it’s still kinda meh. Nevertheless, if you ever looked at those tables in the back of UE and thought “you know, there ought to be an automatic spreadsheet or something for this”, well now you have one.

Go nuts.